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Ocahanomizu University Summer Program was held from 27th July to 9th August


The Summer Program was held over a two-week period that spanned from (Saturday) July 27 to (Friday) August 9, 2019. 32 students from our overseas partner universities participated in “Course 1: Japanese Language Course,” which was being run for the seventh year.
In addition, “Course 2: Culture & Society Course (taught in English),” which was in its ninth year of operation, was taken by a total of 140 students, comprising of 54 students from our overseas partner universities as well as 86 students from our own university. A total of 123 students, which included 60 students from our overseas partner universities and 63 students from our university, partook in the “Project Work,” where students of various nationalities formed teams to present topics related to their own respective fields of specialization. All in all, the participants of these two courses were made up of students from 14 countries and 25 schools.In addition to these lessons, three special lectures were conducted as shared activities Summer photobetween the two courses (“The Active of Women Leaders in the
International Society,”taught by Kae Ishikawa, the head of the Japan Liaison Office of UN Women; “What Are Needed To Become A Global Leader,” taught by Ichiro Fujisaki, the former Ambassador to the United States; and “Cosuming Japanese Culture Overseas through Film,” taught by Marcos Centeno, a Japanese lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London). Other than this, cultural events were also held as extracurricular activities (“Science Class,” “Introduction to Japanese,” “Japanese pop culture and Japanese confectionery (joint event with our affiliated junior high school)” and “Kimono”), in which many participants came together to learn about Japanese culture as well as world affairs from the perspective of Japan.
This year, we also held opening ceremonies, classes ("Gender Equality and Leadership" and "Lifestyle in Japan"), special lectures, cultural events, and closing ceremonies at the International Student Plaza built in March 2019. These activities were very well received, which thereby allowed us to finish off the program in a positive fashion.

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