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Life World Watch Center (LWWC) is an emerging organization established in July 2003 aimed to establish a world of safe and peaceful life through fostering of human resource and education while conducting survey, research and development of the education system concerning safety in life and environment.

Under the concept of “Mutual Learning & Teaching,” it has worked together with a wide spectrum of organizations including specialized agencies, academies, universities, the government, municipalities, the industrial world, media, NGOs and NPOs, and functions as the center of information exchange with collaboration from those active in diversified fields both domestic and international. Aiming for “Society-Academia Collaboration” that surpasses “Business-Academia Collaboration,” it promotes survey research that verifies the modern world from five different viewpoints of life, living organism, lifestyle, human life, and survival and conducts education that helps understand the modern society better.

Entering into its 3rd year in 2006, it is conducting survey research on topics such as integrated management of chemical substance, risk management of food, literacy in science technology, social change & technology innovation, and reeducation of members of society. Emphasis is placed on promoting liberal arts education to the members of the society, and open colleges for 58 subjects (15 90-minute classes per subject) conducted by over 400 lecturers gather participants that exceeds 1,200 from throughout the country.

Such activities that have attracted about 20,000 people are further spreading like grass roots into various seminars and study meetings. Life World Watch Center (LWWC) is now evolving from being the “Center of Knowledge” to being the “Market of Knowledge” that provides society with a place open for refining yourself and for exchanging your views with others.

Masaru Masuda

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