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01.04.2024 Update


The Global Collaboration Center was initially launched as the Center for Women’s Education and Development in July 2003. Women's education was featured as one of the focus areas of support for the new Afghanistan, and the Five Women's University Consortium, including Ochanomizu University, was expected to play an important role to support it. The Consortium set up a special committee and dispatched a team of researchers to Kabul, and invited senior officials from the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan to review the training course. After making such preparations, we started training programs for Afghani women educators in February 2003.
Renamed as the Global Collaboration Center in April 2008, it has been conducting research and activities on what we can do for developing countries in challenging circumstances, including support for Afghanistan, with the aim of putting these activities into practice. In collaboration with institutions and people on campus, off campus, and overseas, the Center hopes to be one of the dissemination platforms for the international contribution of Ochanomizu University.

* Click here for the pamphlet, Global Collaboration Center Brochure (PDF)

Activities to Date

The Center for Women’s Education and Development, the predecessor of the Global Collaboration Center, was founded in July 2003 to promote international cooperation in support of women's education. The Center conducted cooperation and research activities in two fields: Women’s Education Collaborative Research Division and Early Childhood Education Collaborative Research Division.
Since 2008, the Global Collaboration Center, as a common educational research facility in Ochanomizu University, has been actively conducting education, research study, and information dissemination related to peacebuilding and human security, with an aim to respond various needs of international society and assist international contribution, with knowledge of the whole university.

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Support for Women’s Education and Early Childhood Development in Developing Countries

We provide continuous support for Afghanistan through short-term training for women teachers and support for picture book development and library activities in Afghanistan in collaboration with Shanti Volunteer Association (under “Nonoyama Endowment for Women’s Education in Afghanistan and Other Developing Countries”).
In addition, we conduct the training program of “Early Childhood Care and Education with Regional Focus on Africa and the Middle East” in collaboration with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) to develop human resources in the area of early childhood education, which is increasingly important in developing countries.

Nurturing Women’s Leadership to Cope with Global Issues (in the area of International Cooperation and Peacebuilding)

We provide classes such as “Practicum for Convivial Global Society” to deepen understanding of the society and economy of developing countries as well as international cooperation through a field work in developing countries. We also support and organize overseas research conducted by graduate students, symposiums/seminars on Afghanistan women's education and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We focus on the idea “learning from the field”.

Information Sharing and Networking

Through "Living Together in a Global Community" Study Group, the Center supports students' voluntary activities. By way of its mailing list, such information as about lectures, seminars, and events in/outside the university, in the field of international cooperation and peacebuilding, is provided to the Group member.
As students’ voluntary activities, we also support for fundraising for children’s education in Laos and Bangladesh by selling used books, and Syrian refugees.


(As of Apr. 2023)

Director YURA Kei (Professor)
Deputy Director ODA Akiko (Project Associate Professor)
Lecturer HIRAYAMA Takehiro (Lecturer)
Center Affiliate SUDO Noriko (Professor)
Center Affiliate HAMANO Takashi (Professor)
Center Affiliate MORI Yoshihito (Professor)
Center Affiliate ARAKI Minako (Associate Professor)
Center Affiliate SASAKI Motoko (Lecturer)
Center Affiliate WAKITA Aya (Assistant Professor)
Center Affiliate MIZOGUCHI Megumi (Vice Principal, Ochanomizu University Senior High School)
Center Affiliate KATAYAMA Morimichi (Vice Principal, Ochanomizu University Elementary School)
Center Affiliate Takahashi Yoko (Vice Principal, Ochanomizu University Kindergarten)
Center Affiliate KOMADA Chiaki (Academic Assistant)

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