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The Ochanomizu University Chapter of STUDY FOR TWO “Belated New Year’s Present” Lottery


(Drawing in front of library)

From January 28 through February 8, the Ochanomizu University Chapter of STUDY FOR TWO held a lottery in front of the library. STUDY FOR TWO, a student organization that collects and sells used textbooks and donates the proceeds to benefit education in Laos, has been active on campus since last April as a member of the “Living Together in a Global Community” Study Group.

The drawing was held as part of the group’s textbook collection campaign. The purpose was to boost the number of books collected by giving students one lottery drawing for each textbook donated. A large number students participated, and we were able to collect 205 textbooks during the seven-day event, surpassing our goal of 150. We will be selling the used textbooks at about half-price at a sale at the beginning of next semester, so please remember to drop by and have a look!

We are now busy planning future campus events, and we look forward to everyone’s participation and support in the months ahead.

Meanwhile, many thanks to all those who helped us hold this drawing, as well as to everyone who took part.

(Takako Shigematsu, second-year undergraduate student,
Human and Social Sciences, Faculty of Letters and Education)

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