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Activity Report of the Ochanomizu University Chapter of STUDY FOR TWO for the 2013 Academic Year


This is the activity report of the Ochanomizu University Chapter of STUDY FOR TWO. The chapter is a student organization composed of members of the “Living Together in a Global Community” Study Group at Ochanomizu University.

This academic year, 16 new members joined, bringing total chapter membership to 24. In addition to strengthening its organizational structure, the chapter conducted the following activities with the aim of creating a world where all children can study.


● Exchange with International Students: OIC♥PROJECT (June, Oct. 2013; Jan. 2014)
OIC♥PROJECT events were also held last academic year. We aim to enhance exchange between international students and Japanese students by holding events where we cook together. About 30 people participated in each event.

Poster of Our Activities at the Kiin Festival

●Joint Booth at the Kiin Festival (Nov. 2013)
We had a joint booth at the Kiin Festival (the annual Ochanomizu University student festival) with Okun Chraun, a student organization that supports Cambodia. We also publicized our chapter’s activities by displaying a large poster of our activities in the festival’s sales area.

● Textbook Collection: Lottery (July 2013, Feb. 2014)
To make sure we could efficiently collect used textbooks, we gave students one turn in the lottery for each textbook they donated.

● Textbook Sales (Apr., Oct., Nov. 2013)
We made 380,000 yen from selling textbooks in April and October and 30,000 yen from selling job-hunting paperbacks in November. Our chapter’s sales figures were high among the 60 chapters of Study for Two nationwide. We used these proceeds to award scholarships to 22 children in Laos.

  • photo3Selling textbooks (autumn)
  • photo4Twenty-two scholarship recipients

Looking toward the Next Academic Year
The 2014 academic year will mark the third anniversary of the Ochanomizu University Chapter of Study for Two. We will continue to develop our organizational structure and actively hold events. In addition, we would like to conduct activities that contribute to the Global Collaboration Center and Ochanomizu University as we an international development organization at the university.

(Takako Shigematsu, representative, Ochanomizu University Chapter of STUDY FOR TWO
and third-year undergraduate student, Human and Social Sciences, Faculty of Letters and Education)

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