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STUDY FOR TWO First-Semester Textbook Sale


The Ochanomizu University Chapter of STUDY FOR TWO held a nine-day used-textbook sale on April 10-22, as an activity of the " Living Together in a Global Society" Study Group.
STUDY FOR TWO is a student organization that collects and sells used textbooks on campus and donates the proceeds to benefit children's education in Laos. This was the Ochanomizu Chapter's third year sale since it began their activity.

The sale was held just outside the university library, where large numbers of students pass through, and many stop to browse. By the end of the nine-day sale, the group had taken in approximately 110,000 yen from the sale of the textbooks. The benefit will be donated to a fund to support 10 children's education in Laos.

We will continue to plan exciting campus events to promote textbook donations for our fall 2014 sale. Our thanks to all those who contributed this time around by donating, buying, or helping out with the sale.

(Mai Shibasaki, second-year undergraduate student,
Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Sciences)

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