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Fair Trade Week at Ochanomizu University


Selling fair trade products in front of the library

Four students studying international cooperation at the Global Studies for Inter-Cultural Cooperation program decided they wanted to sell fair trade (FT) products on campus, and their project was made possible through cooperation from FOOT, an Ochanomizu University student organization working to spread FT products. Commissioned by NGOs engaged in FT, the students offered about 12 different products for sale during lunchtime from June 16 through 20 near the university library.

The products and NGOs that provided cooperation were as follows:
・Coffee from East Timor (Peace Winds Japan)
・Curry dinner mixes and organic cookies from Nepal (Nepali Bazaro)
・Handicrafts, including pen cases and bags, made by Bangladeshi women (Shapla Neer)

Proceeds from the sales were donated to the NGO that had provided the products sold.

Some of the products for sale

FT is a fun way to participate in international cooperation through shopping. Even today, Japan has few fair trade shops and stores that handle FT products. While we were selling the products, we asked people if they knew about FT and most people replied that they did. Some people also said that they enjoyed the products they had bought from us or said that they would look up the product on the Internet and purchase more online. We sensed that FT has the potential to flourish more in Japan. We would like to thank the many people who assisted us.

(Misaki Saito, 3rd year student, Faculty of Letters and Education)

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