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STUDY FOR TWO 2014 – Report of the activities of the Ochanomizu University Chapter


This is the fiscal 2014 report of the activities of the STUDY FOR TWO Ochanomizu University Chapter in which the members of the “Living Together in a Global Community” Study Group participate.

(Selling textbooks)

• Sales of used textbooks (April, October 2014)

We achieved a record 190,000 yen from sales of used textbooks. Of that amount, 170,000 yen was donated to scholarships for children in Laos.

• Textbook recovery events (July 2014, February 2015)

We staged events at the end of the academic year with the aim of efficiently recovering textbooks by awarding one lucky dip draw for each book.

(Kiinsai University festival stall)

● Interactive events with international students (May, December 2014)

The objective was to deepen exchange between international and Japanese students through cooking together. Each event attracted 20 to 30 participants.

● Kiinsai University festival stall (November 2014)

We sold fried takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and potato fries at the annual fair. We ran a quiz about our activities, and endeavoured to spread the word about the organization.

(Mai Shibasaki, vice representative, Ochanomizu University Chapter of STUDY FOR TWO
and 2nd year student, Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Sciences)

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