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Screening of Girl Rising


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A public screening of the film Girl Rising was held on July 11, 2015, in collaboration with Plan Japan, a public interest incorporated foundation. More than 70 people from within and outside the university attended the event.

The film portrays the past experiences and future hopes of girls who have suffered harsh situations in developing countries, including Haiti, Nepal, and Egypt. Nine girls appear in this omnibus work, which depicts the experiences and hopes of each of them.

Some of the situations the girls found themselves in were truly cruel, and each reflected social issues. Many of the stories were shocking, including the girl who each day went to a garbage dump engulfed in smoke to gather scrap metal, the girl who was sold into child labor because of poverty and labored over housework like a slave, and the girl who was a victim of sexual abuse. The images acutely communicated the depth of the scars carried by these girls, whose human rights had been so disrespected. Despite their suffering, with a helping hand these girls became able to give bright, beautiful smiles. This film tells of various problems faced in the world today that need to be brought to the attention of as many people as possible. It is a film that makes people think about what they can do to bring back the hope-filled smiles of those girls.

The audience gives its full attention to the film

As well as the reminder of the need to protect minimum human rights, I was struck by the repeated message that educating girls brings major benefits to society. It renewed my awareness that education not only gives children hope, but also creates enormous hope for the future of society. I plan to make use of what I learned from the film during my international fieldwork in September.

(Moeko Ishida, 4th year student,
Division of Biology, Faculty of Science)

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