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Report on the Student-Planned Workshop “What International Cooperation Can We Provide?”


At the workshop

On December 2, at the Career Cafe in the Ochanomizu University Library, we held a participation-based workshop, role-playing included, on the theme of “What international cooperation can we provide? Thinking from the connection between world poverty and us.” On the day of workshop, we broke the ice and unraveled world poverty structurally from the five perspectives of farmers, doctors, elementary school teachers, and government officials in developing countries, as well as ODA officers in developed countries, before turning to the subject of what each of us as individuals can do.

For many of us, world poverty is an issue which probably seems far too large, vague, and geographically distant for us as individuals to be able to resolve. However, if we take a closer look at the roots and the structure of that poverty, there is always a point of connection to discover.

Taking that connection as a way into finding solutions, we explored things that we as students could do. Even if we are not capable of the support and projects which international aid institutions and groups undertake, we felt that there must be something which we could do as individuals.

Working as a group to map the relationships
among the various actors in our case study

At the workshop, we started by identifying the issues faced by people in other countries and our own relationship to these, reaching the conclusion that it was important that we personally spread that information widely to use the power of empathy to move as many other people as we can, taking action to change the world bit by bit from our own immediate contexts.

I hope that we can take what we learned at the workshop and the confidence we gained that the power of the individual really can change the world into our activities in the future.

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