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2017 Kiin Festival Academic Presentations: Lessons Learned from the Nepal Study Tour


Presentation by the Social and Economic Development

Nepal study tour participants were divided into three groups to conduct field research on ‘social and economic development,’ ‘education,’ and ‘post-disaster recovery support and gender,’ announcing their results at the Kiin Festival. The presentations were a great opportunity to bring together what we learned prior to the tour, our impressions from actually visiting Nepal, and subsequent deeper learning based on each student’s particular interests and focus. I believe that the process through to communication of the knowledge gained is an important one.

Presentation by the Education group

While Nepal is not perhaps a country very familiar to most Japanese, I hope that our presentations succeeded in explaining a little about the current situation there. I personally gained new insights from listening to my fellow students’ presentations. I was particularly impressed by the presentation on post-disaster recovery support and gender in Nepal. One member of that group had experienced the Kumamoto earthquake, and another had been visiting Rikuzentakata City at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake and was caught up in the major damage which the city suffered. They made some very interesting comparisons of post-disaster recovery support in Japan and Nepal that also drew on their personal experience.

This was our last course exercise, but I hope to take advantage of the valuable experience I gained through the study tour to take on various challenges in the future.

(Runa Osamura, 1st year student, Department of Languages and Culture,
Faculty of Letters and Education)

  • photo3Presentation by the Post-Disaster Recovery Support and Gender group
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