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STUDY FOR TWO academic year 2017 Report


The STUDY FOR TWO initiative is fueled by a mission to create a world in which all children who want to study can study. The STUDY FOR TWO organization collects secondhand textbooks from University students and sells them on cheaply to other students. A portion of the proceeds are then used to support child education in developing countries. STUDY FOR TWO has affiliates in Japanese universities nationwide. Ochanomizu University created its branch as part of the Living Together study group activities in 2012. This year marks the sixth year since the branch was established.

Collecting textbooks

Academic year 2017 Activity Report
Textbook Sales
We sold textbooks in April and October. Advertising through Twitter and flyers, we achieved sales of 100,800 yen in Spring and 72,100 yen in Fall. Of that total, 162,820 yen was donated to support child education in developing countries.
Textbook Collection
We planned a tombola lottery textbook collection event in July and January. Students had lots of fun and we were able to collect lots of textbooks.
Last year, we also started collecting textbooks by placing lots of collection boxes around the university campus and student halls of residence.
Paperback Book Fair
We held a new paperback book fair initiative this year, where we sold paperback books and textbooks for qualification acquisition instead of university textbooks.

Kiinsai campus festival stall

Kiinsai campus festival Stall
Once again, we sold the Laos-style soup that was so popular last year.
Inter-university Cooperation
Many universities throughout Japan have a STUDY FOR TWO brahches and a healthy membership. Ochanomizu University participates in regular national events in which members share their knowledge and experience.

Next year, the Ochanomizu University STUDY FOR TWO office intends to continue activities to boost awareness and participation in the textbook sales scheme within the University, so it would be great if you would join in. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has bought or donated textbooks and supported us in our activities over the past year.

(Kana Hosokawa, representative of SFT Ochanomizu chapter and 2nd Year Student,
Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Sciences)

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