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Student-Planned Event: Learning about Nutrition in the Developing World


Speaker Asahi Ota

On December 20, 2019, the student organization Health for Dreams held an event titled “Learning about Nutrition in the Developing World,” a presentation and get-together featuring international nutritionist Asahi Ota.

The purpose of the event was to deepen interest in and understanding of international nutrition by providing an opportunity for people with an interest in nutrition and international cooperation to hear a professional relate her experiences in the field. Ms. Ota has worked with the JICA volunteer program and other organizations for international cooperation to improve nutrition in developing countries. While offering an overview of dietary survey methodology, Ota used anecdotes to convey the experience of international aid work in a way that textbooks seldom can. Dietary surveys, we learned, must provide accurate and detailed information (such as who procured what kind of ingredients, where and how they were procured, and how they were prepared) without imposing too onerous a burden on survey subjects. This struck me as a very difficult balancing act.

Participants pose for a post-event photo

Throughout the event, by some icebreaking activities and the presentation, participants shared their impressions and got to know one another in an atmosphere of warm conviviality.

The members of Health for Dreams would like to express our deep appreciation to Asahi Ota, who so graciously accepted our invitation, and to all who participated in the event. Thank you.

(Yuriko Kamiyama, Representative, Health for Dreams)

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