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STUDY FOR TWO Academic Year 2019 Report


Selling second-hand books
at the Kiin Festival

The drive behind the STUDY FOR TWO initiative is to create a world in which all children who want to study can study, and where there is ready access to cheap university textbooks. University students donate textbooks and other books which they are no longer using, and we resell these at around half the original price, with the proceeds put towards supporting child education in Laos and Bangladesh.

The Ochanomizu University chapter of STUDY FOR TWO has been operating on campus as part of the Living Together study group since 2012. This academic year, we again introduced our activities to Ochanomizu University students and displayed posters at the Kiin Festival. As a result, we grew our membership, which now stands at 11, comprising a mixture of first, second, and third year students. This year, we also set the goal of “communicate, connect, and enjoy,” aiming to communicate STUDY FOR TWO activities to Ochanomizu university students and connect those students and children in the developing world, while also having fun in our activities.

Our October book sale

We have collection boxes set up in seven spots around the campus and in halls of residence for students to donate textbooks and other books that they no longer need. This year we again held two-week sales of second-hand textbooks and other books in front of the university library at the beginning of the April and October semesters. At the November Kiin Festival, we set up a flea market stall to sell books other than textbooks which have been donated to date.
Thanks to the cooperation of many people, we raised a total of 346,650 yen in donations this academic year. Our October sales were fifth highest among the 50 or so STUDY FOR TWO chapters around Japan, and first in the Kanto area.

I would like to express our appreciation to all the Ochanomizu students who have donated or bought our textbooks, and to everyone who has helped us out along the way. We will continue to work to provide opportunities close at hand for Ochanomizu students to participate in international cooperation and to provide long-term support for children in the developing world. Thank you again!

(Yuriko Naito, representative of SFT Ochanomizu chapter)

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