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Report on 4th Introduction to NPO Activities Seminar 2021


Guest speaker Mr. Masaki Nakamura

At the 4th Introduction to NPO Activities Seminar 2021, we welcomed Mizumo Saitō and Masaki Nakamura as the founders of ONLINE TERAKOYA, a completely free learning support program. They told us why they had established the program in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, how the program works and what it has achieved, including examples of the introduction of ICT into schools, and issues in school education.

The two-way communication of the seminar enabled a group discussion between our speakers and seminar participants on thoughts about online learning, education disparities, why education is difficult to change, and whether it might be originally changed. This seminar as ever saw an exchange of views among participants not just of Ochanomizu University students but also from all over Japan, boosting interest in education and awareness of the issues presented.

Guest speaker Ms. Mizumo Saitō

I was moved by the sincere passions which our speakers bring into ONLINE TERAKOYA’s classes and education, including their belief in the importance of those who can take action leading the way and their focus on the possibilities found in an era when COVID-19 is involved in our lives. Many powerful messages were delivered to students such as:
・ Acting first without fear of a failure,
・ Discovering one’s own position and strength,
・ Taking a variety of classes and approaching teachers, and
・ Using the status of a university student as a brand.
The seminar provided us with a great opportunity to think positively about what we ourselves can do and how we can change.

The seminar was followed by a string of questions, where a host of connections were formed among the participants to possibly link with their future activities. Receiving so much positive stimulation and advice motivated me to summon up my courage and make a start from those actions available to me.

(Rinka Yamashima, first-year student, Department of Psychology,
Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Sciences)

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