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STUDY FOR TWO Academic Year 2021 Report


Online meeting

The drive behind the STUDY FOR TWO initiative is to create a world in which all children who want to study can study, and where there is ready access to cheap university textbooks. University students donate textbooks which they are no longer using, and we resell these at a cheap price, with at least 80 percent of the proceeds put towards supporting child education in developing countries.

The Ochanomizu University chapter of STUDY FOR TWO has been operating on campus as part of the Living Together study group since 2012, so 2022 marks our 10th year. We currently have a total 22 members, comprising first-through fourth-year students, and we are operating primarily online. This academic year, our activities were again restricted for a while due to COVID-19, but we learned from the experience of last year and focused on what individual members can do with the aim of further growth.

Reference books going to new homes

We currently have colection boxes set up in six spots around the campus and in halls of residence for students to donate textbooks and other books that they no longer need, with Ochanomizu students donating very generously. In the second half of the year, the number of face-to-face classes also gradually increased and we are very grateful to all those students who have donated textbooks and books on the way to class. Again this year, we sold the donated textbooks online at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters and mailed them out to their new owners. In December, when infection rates slowed, we were able to sell books face-to-face for the first time in two years. While the sale was limited to reference books, many Ochanomizu students stopped by, so we got to feel the joy of thanking people directly for their purchases.

Face-to face sales in December

This academic year, we raised 58,110 yen from our spring textbook sale and 68,800 yen from the fall sale, along with 11,340 yen from the winter reference book sale. Our fall textbook sale were fourth highest among the 43 STUDY FOR TWO chapters around Japan (as in June 2021) and first in the Kanto area. Al of this was due to donations, purchases, reactions on official social media channels, and other forms of cooperation extended by Ochanomizu students who support STUDY FOR TWO's ideals. Thank you so much!

We will continue to work so that Ochanomizu students can experience international cooperation close to home as well as to ensure that STUDY FOR TWO remains an option when students are buying textbooks. To that end, each of our members will continue to participate in the initiative with purpose and with the awareness that our participation is for our own benefit, helping us continue to grow toward our goal of "For me, for two." Finally, thanks again to all the Ochanomizu students who have recognized the value of our activities and chosen to do their bit, and to everyone supporting us.

(Haruka Ono, second-year student, Department of Nutriton and Food Science,
Faculty of Human Life and Environmental Sciences, representatives of the SFT Ochanomizu Chapter)

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