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Signing Ceremony of the Consortium Agreement Between Five Women’s Universities


On November 4, 2022, the consortium of five women’s universities consisting of Ochanomizu University (President Yasuko Sasaki), Tsuda University (President Yuko Takahashi), Tokyo Woman’s Christian University (President Anri Morimoto), Nara Women’s University (President Haruki Imaoka), and Japan Women’s University (President Satoko Shinohara) renewed its consortium agreement with a signing ceremony attended by each university president. The renewal of this agreement aims to execute the project to support the education of women and to advance women’s education in developing countries.

This signing ceremony took place in the conference hall of Ochanomizu University with a greeting from President Yasuko Sasaki followed by an overview of the new agreement and its signing by each of the five university presidents.

These five women’s universities have been supporting the education of women in Afghanistan since 2002 through this consortium. In 2006, the consortium expanded its support to all developing countries and has been working together to carry out various initiatives.

On the same day, we also held the Symposium Commemorating 20 Years of Cooperative Education for Women and Girls in Afghanistan: Vision for Cooperative International Efforts to Support the Education of Women in Conflict-torn Regions. Guests and lecturers described the necessity and importance of ongoing support for the education of women through this consortium of five women’s universities as well as their expectations about our future initiatives.



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