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STUDY FOR TWO Academic Year 2022 Report


textbook sales in April

STUDY FOR TWO is a volunteer student organization with chapters in 43 universities around the country, which is now in its 13th year. The drive behind the STUDY FOR TWO initiative is to create a world in which all children who want to study can study, and where there is ready access to inexpensive university textbooks. University students donate textbooks which are no longer in use, and we resell these textbooks at an affordable price, with at least 80 percent of the proceeds are pledged to support child education in developing countries.

As for our activities, we collect the textbooks on campus, sell them twice a year, and hold weekly meetings throughout the year. Until last year, we were confined to online activities due to COVID-19, but this year we have started to collect and sell books face-to-face. Although we were unfamiliar with setting out the stalls in front of the university library, we tried to figure out a way to make things out, and we were able to carry out this year's activities successfully with the warm acceptance and support of students and others. In addition, activities among the district chapters of STUDY FOR TWO were held in April, and a national camp was held on site in February. Through resumption of these activities, I strongly felt the magnitude of what can be gained from meeting and talking with people in person and from non-verbal communication.

The Ochanomizu University chapter of STUDY FOR TWO has marked 10th anniversary in this academic year. We are one of the longest-operated chapters in the entire chapters among STUDY FOR TWO. This is something to be proud of, but at the same time, it is an important time to question what we have accumulated so far without taking it for granted, and to take action and make changes for the better. The greatest feature and the characteristics of STUDY FOR TWO is that it is not a one-way support program, but the program provides benefits for both students in Japan and children in developing countries, to move one step closer to education. The Ochanomizu University Chapter of STUDY FOR TWO and STUDY FOR TWO will continue to change and grow with the awareness of "creating" STUDY FOR TWO, while cherishing these unique characteristics. We hope that you will continue to watch over and support the Ochanomizu University Chapter and STUDY FOR TWO.

(Yuna OGAWA, representatives of the STUDY FOR TWO Ochanomizu Chapter 2022)

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  • photo2part of the members of the Ochanomizu University chapter of STUDY FOR TWO 

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