Cooperation / Agreement


Collaborative Projects with Other Organizations/Institutions (companies and local government)

1. Backcasting Future Visions Seminar with Bridgestone Co., Ltd.

Bridgestone Co., Ltd. and our university launched a social collaboration course titled "Future-Started Seminar (Future-Started Research in Graduate School)" in FY2019 with the aim of creating future female leaders. This seminar takes advantage of the strengths of Ochanomizu University Academic College, and serves as a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue, with students from various specialized fields, from high school students to graduate students, participating.
In the first half of the year, we will focus on defining a desirable future through dialogue with young leaders of SDG card games, government offices, companies, and NPOs regarding their future and how they will live in the future society. The goal is to envisage a picture of the future. In the second half of the year, we will carefully consider the path to be followed toward the future and summarize our recommendations. The content of the proposal will be announced at the forum.

2. Fukui Prefecture

Ochanomizu University and Fukui Prefecture reached a mutual agreement on training female leaders in 2012. The university contributes to the promotion of women in Fukui Prefecture by cooperating in organizing the “Mirai Kirari Program”. It also supports the prefecture in formulating new curricula for future female leaders in the manufacturing industry and female leaders who are already holding managerial positions in their companies. In March 2019, Ochanomizu University signed an agreement with Fukui Prefecture on supporting students who make a “U-Turn” (return to their hometown) or an “I-Turn” (move to the countryside) for employment.
In cooperation with the Institute for Gender Studies and the Career Development Center, the Institute for Global Leadership contributes to the initiative by dispatching lecturers to the “Mirai Kirari Program,” accepting trainees of the program for the Ochanomizu Career Design Program lectures, and coordinating exchange events between the trainees and students and staff of the university.

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