Migakazuba Researchers


Migakazuba Researchers

“Special Researchers System”

In 2012, Ochanomizu University introduced a unique researcher system, a post-doctoral fellowship for prominent female researchers who hope to obtain a faculty position. The research fellows are commonly called “Migakazuba Researchers.” Because female researchers face various life events during their careers, the Institute for Global Leadership supports Migakazuba Researchers’ ongoing projects.

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Career Paths of Former Migakazuba Researchers

Year 2021
Year 2020
Year 2019
Year 2018
Year 2017
Number of Appointees 7 13 13 11 13
Migakazuba Researcher (continued) 5 2 3 6 3
Posts on Permanent Contracts


Public Universities







Private Universities Professor



1 1



Others 1(Lecturer)
Posts on Fixed Term Contracts National Universities 1(Lecturer) 1(Lecturer)
1(AP) 1(Lecturer)
Private Universities 1(Assoc.Prof.)
Researcher 1 1(PD) 1
Others 1(RF) 2(RF)
Others 1 5 2 7

RF:Research Fellow
AF:Associate Fellow

Career Paths of Former Migakazuba Researchers(~2016)

Migakazuba Researchers 2022

Research Field Literature, Gender/Sexuality Studies
Research Theme

Keywords:women writers, migration, Latin America, comparative literature

The objective of this study is to explore how women writers who immigrate on their own initiative write in multiple languages. Through analyzing and considering the characteristics of representations regarding the boundaries of language, gender, race, and nationality in their works, I will examine how their narratives would be classified among the world literature.

Research Field Musicology
Research Theme

Keywords:departure melody, listening practice, tourism

The subject of this research is sound or music in the everyday life in recent Japan, especially “local departure melodies” at the train stations and the listening practice towards them. Local departure melodies have various aspects such as public, local, commercial and touristic, that is to say, they reflect the relationships between sound/music and human beings, or among people that is constructed based of sound/music. I approach this theme from the perspective of tourism and soundscape studies.

Research Field History of Modern Design, History of Cross Cultural Relationship
Research Theme

Keywords:Yokohama scarf, printed textiles, representation of nation, ethnicity and tradition

This study addresses the design of print textiles, especially the Yokohama scarf, which developed into a prominent local industry in the postwar period. In view of textile designs, it examines the cultural, political, and economic background. It was confirmed that various textiles such as ornaments, commemorative items, souvenirs, and advertisements were exported. It can be argued that each design is represented more or less the nation-state system, ethnicity and tradition based on the modern Western thoughts.

Research Field Gender Studies, Social Policy
Research Theme

Keywords:Vocational training, Empowerment, Employment support

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of the job-seeker support training program introduced in Japan in 2011 on work, life, and awareness of female participants. To analyze these effects, I used the concept of empowerment, which is defined by Naila Kabeer as a process of acquiring power. I analyzed the current training subjects and their contents, life history of female participants, and effects of public vocational training and job-seeker support training on women from a gender perspective.

Research Field Human Geography, Mental Health and Welfare
Research Theme

Keywords:community care, psychiatry, disability, immigration administration asylum

 I am interested in the relationship between the construction process of the subjectivities of the people concerned and the action of power toward the people with bodies who are separated from society and made invisible in a specific space, such as long-term patients of psychiatric hospitals and long-term foreign detainees of the asylum. In addition, since I am also a psychiatric social worker, I am currently examining the possibility of constructing a "flexible" community care system that "ensures that all people do not fall through the cracks" together with the people concerned and supporters by utilizing the network I have built through fieldwork.

AIZAWA Noriko 
Research Field Health Psychology
Research Theme

Keywords:mental health, expectation, emotion, cognitive appraisal, coping

Focusing on the role of positive expectations and emotions, I aim to elucidate the factors and mechanisms that lead to the maintenance of mental health in stressful situations. My interest is in the effects of the way in which people perceive (cognitive appraisal) and cope with the stressful situations experienced in daily life. Using the ecological momentary assessment method, this project will examine the relationship between expectations and emotions and the successive changes in cognitive appraisal and coping with daily stressful situations.

ASAI Miho 
Research Field Japanese Literature of Middle Ages, Renga
Research Theme

Keywords:Renga, old commentaries, Waka, Education in literature

My research on renga, which flourished in Japan during the Middle Ages, especially in the Muromachi period, focuses on the analysis of old commentaries of works by renga poets who were active at that time. Composing renga requires extensive knowledge of waka poetry and “The Tale of Genji”. I would like to visualize how renga poets educated people and how people learned the knowledge and culture essential for participating in renga-kai, and to clarify the “general education” of the period.

Research Field Musicology, Expo-logy
Research Theme

Keywords:World Exposition, Vienna, 19th century, The capital of Music

This study aims to discuss the role of music performances at the International Exposition held in Vienna, the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was facing social upheavals exemplified by events such as urban modernization, stock price plunge, and the cholera epidemic in the latter half of the 19th century. The study will take a multifaceted approach through sub-themes such as the position of music in the administrative organs of the Empire, the relationship between business people and musicians at that time, and the role of music in modern cities.

Research Field Early-modern Japanese History
Research Theme

Keywords:Early-modern Japanese history, Society based on class system, History of circulation of goods , History of external relations

The subject of this study is the circulation of hides and leather in the early modern period (Edo period). The circulation structure will be made clear regarding hides and leather in the Edo period, with focus on the merchants who bought and sold hides and leather in rural areas as well as the local people involved in the circulation process. This circulation structure will in turn reveal the characteristics and changes in early modern society and class-based society. In addition, since hides were imported from Korea through the Tsushima domain during the Edo period,  I am researching the circulation of those imported hides as well.

YU Xin Wen 
Research Field Chinese Literature
Research Theme

Keywords:Chinese Classics, Woodblock Printing, Illustrated Book

The subject of my research is Chinese illustrated woodblock-printed books. In particular, I focus on practical books from Song dynasty to Ming dynasty, examining their production, publication, and dissemination from the viewpoints of bibliography and philology. I will collect and organize bibliographic information on these books in China and Japan, and through textual examination and literary criticism, I hope to clarify the documentary value of these illustrated books and their significance in the history of publishing.

Research Field Evolutionary Ecology
Research Theme

Keywords:Sunflower family, within-species polymorphism, floral morphology, life history

I am interested in morphological and genetic diversity within species. In particular, I focus on the floral form and life history of Aster hispidus species complex and the closely related A. kantoensis (Sunflower family) in their native habitats. Recently I’ve been performing population genetic analyses, by which I try to reveal their diversification process in Japan.

Research Field Social Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Criminology
Research Theme

Keywords:inmates, employment, carrier, gender

The employment of ex-offenders is regarded as an important factor for reentry into society and preventing recidivism. However, there are limited numbers of studies. Thus, I will conduct studies about the promotive factors and inhibiting factors of their working. Especially, the study will focus on the gender and specific factors for female offenders including life events such as marriage and child rearing.

Former Migakazuba Researchers

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