Research Project


Institute for Global Leadership Research Project

1. Development and Implementation of Leadership Training Programs / Development and Utilization of Effectiveness Index on Leadership Education

This project is composed of two sub-projects. The first seeks to improve the leadership education curricula that Ochanomizu University has been offering to undergraduate and graduate students, and to develop and implement leadership training programs to strengthen the skills that women require to demonstrate global leadership. The second seeks to develop and utilize an effectiveness index on leadership education at the university. In developing leadership education programs, much emphasis is placed on developing practical skills (language skills, comprehension skills, expressiveness skills, etc.) and communication skills required for global leaders, as well as strengthening the ability to understand different cultures and social trends from the gender perspective. Furthermore, in order to verify the effectiveness of leadership education, based on the competency self-assessment program in the Career Design Program of the university, the project aims to develop and utilize an index that will enable students to self-assess their growth and identify challenges. It will also promote research on the “female global leader training curriculum” and “indicators for verifying the effectiveness of global leadership education.”

2. Studies and Research on Leadership Education Inside or Outside the Country

With an emphasis on research partnerships and collaboration with research institutions within/outside the country, this project will focus on conducting studies and research on women’s leadership in Japan and other countries. We seek to determine what kind of competencies and work environments effectively accelerate women’s leadership at the workplace. To answer those questions, we have been conducting several surveys targeting women in leadership positions or future candidates for such positions at leading Japanese companies and firms. Results of the surveys and their implications will be presented to the companies and firms as part of our social engineering initiative. We believe that sharing the insights from our research with the concerned companies and firms will contribute to changes for empowering women for the future. Also, we will sublimate our findings into leadership education for students and a leadership model for Asian women.

3. Development of Models to Support Female Researchers and Improve Employment Opportunities, and Assessment of the Effectiveness of Such Models

In this project, an educational and research institution will examine the “employment environment” and its “support mechanisms” that enable women to achieve significant advancement in their careers while maintaining a work-life balance. We will also develop models that can spread such mechanisms widely in society. The developed models will be implemented and applied at Ochanomizu University. The effectiveness of the employment environment and researcher support models will be verified through quantitative and qualitative evaluations such as questionnaire surveys and interviews with faculty members, and the status of the research results will be confirmed.

Previous Work

Development of Leadership Programs for Working Women and Assessment of Their Effectiveness

In this project, we will examine “education programs” for working women to demonstrate the leadership positions they take. In addition, we will develop a “Working Women Leadership Training Program” that aims to create a “place” where working women can dynamically learn, while maintaining a work-life balance. The program will be implemented at the “Ochanomizu University Training School for Women Leaders: Kiin Juku” (started in May 2014), and its effects will be verified based on the students’ reactions and the degree of influence on their career advancement.

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