Introductory Seminar: the History and Mission of Ochanomizu University

The specialized lectures are designed to help undergraduate students learn about the history and present state of Ochanomizu University, through which they can uniquely structure their educational curriculum at the University, make effective use of course content, and grow as individuals who can exercise leadership in various aspects of society. The lectures are mainly for first-year students.

Main components: Orientation speech by the President of Ochanomizu University, History and social role of Ochanomizu University, Lectures by alumni selected as role models, and Leadership-related lectures.

Women's Careers and the Economy

Basic knowledge of finance is necessary for future leaders in society. This lecture-based course aims to help undergraduate students acquire specific views and ideas about finance and economics, and to be able to gather appropriate information on their own from newspapers, Internet, and other forms of media. This will improve the students' ability to serve as role models in the future.

Main components: Lectures on the basic structure of finance and economics, Lectures by top-class professionals who are active in the front lines of finance and economics.

Diversity Management

In this course, students will learn about women's leadership, with a particular focus on gender diversity in organizations. Based on active learning methods, the lecturers will work with students to discuss effective "mechanisms" for promoting diversity, as well as conducting case studies. We expect that students will be able to apply what they learn in this course to their own workplaces in the future.

Practicum for Global Leadership I・II

In this course, students participate in leadership training abroad, applying the presentation and communication skills they have acquired in the core courses of the Career Design Program. Students will acquire leadership skills based on the philosophy of "soft skills" and form the foundation for developing their expertise through collaboration with others. Through exchange activities with students from Collegio Nuovo, a women's college in Italy, the course aims to build networks among female students internationally and help them take the first step toward becoming global leaders.

Education Program for Female Leaders

This course aims to improve postgraduate students' skills for planning a research project, obtaining research funding, and making presentations.

Main components: Support in writing applications for JSPS Fellowships, Advice from experienced researchers (e.g. faculty members), and Lectures on presentation.

Women's Careers and the Legal System

In the post-war period in Japan, women are expected to be socially responsible for supporting the labor market and local communities, in addition to their roles as responsible for housework and childcare. The purpose of this course is to consider various issues related to the life course chosen by women and men today, taking the topic "women's work" as a starting point and to prospective your future career life.

Special course on Career Development

In the Special course on Career Development, students will systematically learn what work means when they enter society in the future, with the full cooperation of the consulting company Accenture. In this course, students will learn the manners and techniques of working professionals by hearing about their experiences and how to plan their career specifically by thinking about "work" through group work with the professionals and other students.

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