Lectures & Seminars



Introductory Seminar: The History and Mission of Ochanomizu University

The aim of this lecture, mainly for first year students, is to present the history and the present of Ochanomizu University.

Main Components: Orientation by Presidents, History of Ochanomizu University and its role in society, and Series of lectures given by alumnae

Education Program for Female Leaders Basic Course (Undergraduates)

This program aims to help undergraduates establish their own styles of communication through realization of ostensive self-expressions, such as visual, audio, and verbal information. (Since 2013, this program has been under the direction of the Student and Career Support Center.)

Primary Composition: Personal branding, Self-coaching, Facilitation and Networking theory

Education Program for Female Leaders: Training Course

This program aims to help undergraduates enhance project planning and presentation skills through resolving a hypothetical business plan assigned from a company as a problem-solving group project. (Since 2013, this program has been under the direction of the Student and Career Support Center.)

Primary Composition: Active learning, Brainstorming, and Discovering necessary elements for global leadership

Education Program for Female Leaders: Role-Model Course (Undergraduates)

Financial and fiscal knowledge are vital to those taking active leadership in society. This program aims to help undergraduates learn realistic insights into finance and economy in order to be critically literate about information from media, such as newspapers and the Internet. This helps students develop their skills to become business role models (Since 2013, this program has been under direction of the Student and Career Support Center).

Primary Composition: Lectures that provide deep insight into financial and economic structures and the opportunity of hearing from top-notch people working in financial and economic fields.

Education Program for Academic Female Leaders: Training Course

This program aims to help graduate students enhance their skills for planning research projects, fundraising, and presentation.

Primary Composition: Training for Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Special Researchers’ application form, draft-writing, advice from experienced people (faculty members, etc.), and presentation class

Global Female Leadership Theory

Introduced in 2012, this program consists of higher-career development and leadership education aimed at graduate students, post-docs, and working women.


Special Seminar 1: Collaboration with a company: “Making a presentation for planning and development”

This seminar gives students firsthand experience of work that meets real-world criteria. We invite a guest speaker from 7-Eleven, who is in charge of planning and development of salad and selling 500,000 packages of the product, worth 100 million yen, in a single day. At the end of the seminar, students are expected to make presentations of their ideas of how to make the newly developed product “a little better” to the person in charge.

Special Seminar 2: “Improving the quality of learning”

This seminar aims to cultivate students’ learning attitudes and strategies through class activities. Each person has a different result from the quantity and quality of learning even when listening to or experiencing the same learning stimuli. Through tasks, students are expected to develop a behavior pattern that makes the most of their own experience to achieve maximum learning results.

Special Seminar 3: “The future of the world and your own future”

This seminar aims to let students think about how they live now and how to create their own future while taking into consideration the future of the world. They acquire a high level of ability in conceptualizing, planning, presentation, teamwork, and leadership through group work and presentation of assignments.

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