Work-Life Balance Promotion Activities


In order to develop an employment environment that encourages work-life balance, Ochanomizu University has implemented the following initiatives.

1) Gender Equality Declaration
Based on the University's historical mission and social demands, and in accordance with its basic policy, the University declares that it will promote gender equality and actively contribute to the realisation of a gender-equal society. For details, please see the University's website https://www.ocha.ac.jp/danjo/info/declaration.html (Japanese).

2) Formulation of positive actions
Based on the overall targets of the Japanese Government, Ochanomizu University promotes "setting targets for the recruitment and promotion of female faculty and staff to managerial positions" and "specific actions" based on an understanding and analysis of the current situation of the University. Positive Actions for the Promotion of Gender Equality have been formulated with the aim of contributing to the realisation of a gender-equal society by improving the working environment, and other measures.

3) Formulation of action plans for the “Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement”
According to the Law on the “Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace”, the University has formulated an action plan for measures to promote women's advancement in order to create a comfortable working environment in which all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities at work and balance work and family life. For details, please see the University's website https://www.ocha.ac.jp/introduction/publication/20180326.html (Japanese).

4) Publication of information on women's participation and advancement
The percentage of female workers in the workforce at the University is broken down by employment management category on the University's website.
Please refer to the 'Public information' section → 'Information on the advancement of women' (updated regularly)
https://www.ocha.ac.jp/introduction/publication/index.html (Japanese).

5) Publication of target ratios for appointing female executives and managers
As a public information item of the National University Corporation, the ratio of targets set by the University for appointing female executives and managers is published on the University's website https://www.ocha.ac.jp/introduction/publication/list.html (Japanese).

6) Formulation of action plans for “Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children” and “Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement”
The University has formulated a plan to create an environment in which employees can work comfortably while balancing work and child care, enabling all employees to fully demonstrate their abilities. The contents are available on the University's website https://www.ocha.ac.jp/introduction/publication/20180326.html (Japanese).

7) Acquisition of the 'Kurumin' mark for fulfilling the standards of the "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children"
Ochanomizu University was certified by the Tokyo Labour Bureau as a standard-conforming general employer under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children (Article 13) as of 14 February 2013, and has acquired the Next Generation Certification Mark "Kurumin".

8) Distribution of Ochanomizu University's 'Work-life balance' support activities
Following the accreditation of the University's Global Leadership Institute (formerly the Centre for Leadership Development Education and Research) as a 'Kaeru Hoshi (employers who worked on initiatives that changed the working environment and achieved results)' by the Cabinet Office of Japan, the content of the University's 'Work-Life Balance' support activities has been distributed on Government Internet TV since 7 March 2013.

9) Temporary childcare survices
Since FY 2011, a temporary childcare room has been open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for university-wide events and on admissions work days to provide temporary childcare for the children of the University's staff and faculty members.

10) Assessment of the employment environment at research and educational institutions
The Ochanomizu University has been using the “Ocha Index” since 2010. The “Ocha Index” is an indicator to evaluate the work environment at education and research institutes, also as a checklist for creating a comfortable employment environment. It was developed as part of the results of the University's 'Career Opportunity Support Model from Ochanomizu Scientists (COSMOS)' project (2006-2008).

For details, please see “Assessment of the employment environment at research and education institutions using the ‘Ocha Index’”.

11) Field-trip to Izumi Nursery and Ochanomizu University Child Care Center in Bunkyo city (staff training program)
The University conducts field-trip of Izumi Nursery and Ochanomizu University Child Care Center in consideration of the existence of children as important members of the local community. This is to raise awareness of gender equality in childcare at the University and to deepen understanding of various living situations (diversity) involving children and people in childcare.
This field-trip as staff training is conducted in Autumn (November). Faculty members and students can also participate. It is organised jointly by the Institute for Global Leadership and the Institute of Education and Human Development, as well as the Nursery and Child Care Center mentioned above.
The field-trip of Izumi Nursery started in 2012 and the tour of Ochanomizu University Child Care Center started in 2016.
*This field-trip is currently suspended from the perspective of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Reports for each year are available in the Institute for Global Leadership's annual report (web-accessible).
Reference: see publications

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