Support for Researchers


Ochanomizu University has implemented initiatives to support on-campus researchers and students raising children.

1) Support for On-Campus Female Researchers Raising Children
Initiatives initiated as part of the development of the employment and information environment under the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology adopted program "Career Opportunity Support Model from Ochanomizu Scientists" from FY2006 to FY2008 and awareness-raising activities for the development of the next generation of female researchers will be continuously developed after the period of the program concerned ends.

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2) Temporary Support for On-Campus Researchers
From the perspective of gender equality, the University began providing temporary support for researchers who are pregnant, raising pre-school children, caring for a relative or nursing an ill patient from FY2010.

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3) Childcare Support Scholarships
This is the University's own scholarship for regular students who use the childcare center (Izumi Nursery) set up by the University, and half of the childcare fees are awarded as a childcare support scholarship.

List of scholarships offered by the University
https://www.ocha.ac.jp/campuslife/scholarship/list.html (Japanese)

4) Establishment of a “Special Researcher System” for female researchers to encourage them to continue their research (known as the 'Migakazuba Researcher System')
In 2012, the University introduced its own special researcher system (known as the Migakazuba Researcher System) to contribute to the training and securing of highly creative female researchers who will play a key role in the future of academic research in Japan. The system supports the continued research activities of outstanding female researchers and provides opportunities for female researchers to return to research after a career break smoothly.

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5) Establishment of the Ochanomizu University Prize
The Ochanomizu University Prize was established in 2013 to promote the development of the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, life sciences and related fields of science, life sciences and domestic science, and to encourage young female researchers. Currently, five Ochanomizu University Prizes have been established: the Toshiko Yuasa Prize, the Chika Kuroda Prize, the Ikuko Koizumi Prize, the Kono Yasui Prize and the Michiyo Tsujimura Prize. The awards are named after graduates of the University who have made significant contributions and achievements in their respective fields of research. Details of the Ochanomizu University Prize can be found on the University's website. https://www.ocha.ac.jp/danjo/op/index.html (Japanese)

6) Role Models
Alumni Interviews
https://www.cf.ocha.ac.jp/igl/j/menu/propulsion/groupingmenu/support/d003849.html (Japanese) 
Women in the field of Engineering 
https://www.cf.ocha.ac.jp/igl/renkei/rolemodel_contents/ (Japanese)(opens in new window)

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