Find Researcher Support and Childcare Support


Research Support

For those who do not want to suspend their research

  • Having obtained a degree, but unable to obtain a full-time position, and having no place to conduct research.
  • Researchers who have been unable to obtain a place to conduct research due to inability to access the JSPS (Japan Society for The Promotion of Science) Research Fellowship for Young Scientists Program and other programs after a long period of time since obtaining their degree.

Research support while caring for relatives

  • Research hours have been reduced due to caring for one’s parents.
  • Spouse has become ill and needs nursing care, which has forced a decrease in research hours.
  • The researcher's own child has been injured and has to be taken to and from school, which has reduced their research time.

Research support during pregnancy and after maternity/paternity leave

  • The researcher is pregnant, but is experiencing severe hyperemesis gravidarum and is unable to spend sufficient time on research or work.
  • Feel insecure about whether or not they can return to their research and work smoothly after their maternity leave without applying for childcare leave.
  • Feel insecure about whether or not they can return to their research or work after childcare leave.

Research support during child-rearing (under elementary school age)

  • Have to go home early to meet children's return time and cannot spend time on research or experiments.
  • Have a goal to produce research achievements globally even while raising children, but cannot spend time on research.
  • As the researcher have to raise her children independently, it is difficult to continue research and work both mentally and physically.

Looking for assistants for research or on-campus work

  • Looking for someone to help with research.
  • Looking for someone to help with office work.
  • Looking for an academic assistant.
  • Looking for someone to help me with conferences and academic events.

Information on role models

  • Want to communicate from someone who are balancing work (research/office work) and home life.
  • Want to know about lifestyle of a researcher.
  • Want to know about the career paths of people who are studying/researching the same field as me.

Information on Scholarships

  • Want to do study or research at a university while raising children, but the childcare fees are a financial burden.
  • Want to know about scholarships that students and researchers can apply for.

Information on Grants

  • Want to obtain external funding for own research.
  • Want to know about grants for female researchers.

Information on Research Support

  • Want to know information that is useful for own research.
  • Want to know information that is useful for conducting research while raising children.

Inquiries about Research

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