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Visa & Accommodation Information

30.03.2018 Update

Visa Information

Participants may need a short-term visitor visa to enter Japan, depending on their nationality.
Please check “68 Countries and Regions for Visa Exemptions” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to see if you are required to obtain a visa.

【Procedures for the Visa Application】
1. .Please check the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Japan to see the necessary visa for you (http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html) *

2. Upon submitting the Application Form of Ocha Summer Program online (the URL to Application Form will be informed by e-mail to each applicant), please clarify whether the visa is necessary for you. 

3. Regardless of the necessity of the visa, every applicant will receive an Entry Form via e-mail after we confirm your application.** Please click the URL in the message, follow the instruction and fill out the Entry Form. If you are yet unsure about the information and the address while staying in Japan, please write down the flight you are most likely to choose and the address where you are most likely to stay.

4. For those of you who needs visa, the necessary documents for your Visa application below will be sent to the person in charge at your university by Express Mail Service***. It will take one to three weeks to be delivered.

a) Acceptance Letter to the Summer Program 受入れ許可証
b) Guaranty of your identity/status 身元保証書
c) Document stating the reason of your stay in Japan 招聘理由書
d) Guarantor's certificates of employment 身元保証人の在職証明書
e) Schedule of stay in Japan 滞在予定表****
f) Ochanomizu University brochure

5. Apply for visa
Please apply for a visa at your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate General with the supporting documents.
Remember that visa acquisition is at your own responsibility.

* Please note that your Visa allows you to stay in Japan, with your own arrangement and responsibility, no earlier than seven days before the program and no longer than seven days after the program.
  There may be circumstances in which we refuse to provide you with the supporting documents.
** Personal information will only be used for Ocha Summer Program.
*** If EMS is not available in your country, we will send it to you by regular postal mail.
**** The lottery results of our university’s residence will be notified in the middle of December 2020, so “the Schedule of stay in Japan” will be sent by email, separate from the Visa support documents.


Accommodation is NOT assigned adn arranged by Ochanomizu University.
Make sure that applicant will prepare for his/her own accommodation in Japan.

Students can apply for the following Ochanomizu University’s Student Dormitory,  but the number of room is limited, so the students will be selected by lottery.****

【Information about Dormitory】
Ochanomizu dormitory (Female only) 
・The accommodation may vary around 25,000 yen - 50,000 yen (subject to change)


Friday, 5 February, 2021 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

*Students are  NOT allowed to check in before 5 February.


Monday, 22 February, 2021 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

*The last day of the Summer Program is Saturday, 20 February.

*Students are NOT allowed to check-out later than 22 February.

*All students are required to check out during the designated times and date mentioned above ONLY. 
 Students leaving before 9:00 am must check out during the check-out time (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) THE DAY BEFORE, and arrange for their accommodation on their own for the night.

RIKKOKAI 2-43-12 Kotakecho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo,176-0004, Japan
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line–Fukutoshin line, Kotake Mukaihara Station, 25 minute walk
TEL 03-3972-1151/FAX 03-3972-1264

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