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Subject Based Course (taught in English)


Course Contents

【Subject Based Course】 Choose ONE sub-course from the below

Sub-course 1: Advances in Natural Sciences

Sub-course 2: Gender, Globalization and Diversity in Contemporary Japan

Sub-course 3: Japan Society and People : Insights on Some Selected Contemporary Challenges

Sub-course 1: Advances in Natural Sciences

Research in natural sciences is advancing day by day. This subcourse provides lectures comprising five subjects to learn about recent advances in several areas of natural sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. Students can learn about each subject from basics to the latest topics through this subcourse. 

 Sub-course 2:Gender, Globalization and Diversity in Contemporary Japan

This course looks at how contemporary Japanese society is changing in the context of globalization and demographic and social challenges, including population aging and shrinking, with a special focus on the consequences of these changes for gender and diversity. From social welfare to employment, immigration to women’s representation in politics, contemporary Japan is facing a range of policy and social issues that will shape Japanese society in the coming decades. How is Japan adapting to our changing world, and what challenges and hurdles remain going forward? 

Sub-course 3:Japan Society and People : Insights on Some Selected Contemporary Challenges

This course consists of the following 5 topics.

  • Let’s talk about SCHOOL LUNCH!
  • WASABI (Japanese horse radish), real smell and taste
  • Women’s Political Representation in East Asia
  • LGBTQ+ in Contemporary Japan

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