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Summer Program

Ocha Summer Program for Global Leaders 2024

<Announced on January 9th, 2024>
This program provides intensive courses for students of partner universities from both domestic and overseas, as well as undergraduate and graduate students of Ochanomizu University. All classes are multi-cultural, aiming for students’ leadership development and promotion of international exchanges.

For the application details, please see "Application"
  • SBC(Subject Based Course)
  • JLC(Japanese Language Course)
  • Subject Based Course and Project Work : Four (4) Ochanomizu University’s credits
  • Japanese Language Course : Two (2) Ochanomizu University’s credits

 → Undergraduate Grade Calculation is here
  → Graduate School Grade Calculation is here

Nomination Deadline

February 27, 2024

*Nominees will automatically proceed to selection from Ochanomizu University and the result will be informed by the end of April 2024.
*Please note that up to 10 students can be nominated from each university.


Registration fee: 10,000 JPY (Non refundable)  /  Tuition fee: Waived for partner's universities


Maximum Enrollment

  • Subject Based Courses and Project Work :
    - Natural science : basic questions and applications (15 students)
    - Gender, Globalization, and Diversity in Contemporary Japan (20 students)
    - Exploring Human Life and Environmental Sciences: Integrating Perspectives on Health, Society, and Technology (18 students)
  • Japanese Language Course :
    - Introductory Class for absolute beginners (10 students)
    - Introductory Class for beginners (15 students)
    - Pre-intermediate Class (15 students)
Important Dates

February 27

The end of April

May 7

July 1 - August 2
July 18

July 19

July 22 - August 1

July 22 - August 2

August 2

August 3

Nomination Deadline

Screening Result

Registration Deadline & Payment Deadline 

Project Work*
Check-in / Orientation

Opening Ceremony / Welcome Party

Subject Based Course

Japanese Language Course

Closing ceremony / Farewell Party (All program ends)


*Please note that “Project Work” will begin on July 1st via zoom.


If you have any question, feel free to contact us at ocha-summer@cc.ocha.ac.jp 

Transportation and Local Information

· Narita International Airport / NRT
· Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) / HND
· JR EAST-Japan Railway Company

■ Information about Japan and Tokyo
・ Official Tourism Guide for Japan Travel
· Japan-guide.com (Japan Travel and Living Guide)

· Tokyo Prefecture General Information Guide