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NOTES:  At present, we accept students only from our partner universities (See http://www.ocha.ac.jp/en/international/index.html) from abroad.
For ones living in Japan, we can accept as REGISTERED STUDENTS (See www.cf.ocha.ac.jp/summerprogram/news/d005631.html) even if they are not students of our overseas/domestic partner universities, but in that case WOMEN ONLY, tuition fee must be paid, and extra services (eg. accommodation service) are not provided.
We appreciate for your understanding.  

Process of Application

Step1: Nomination

Students who want to attend the Program must contact the person in charge at each partner university. The nomination process will be emailed to the person in charge at the beginning of February.

The deadline for the nomination will be February 28, 2022
We will send you the results of the screening process to the person in charge at each partner university at the end of April, 2022.
-   Students who were selected as participants 

Step 2: Registration and Payment

Participants must make payment of the registration fee (10,000 JPY: non-refundable) and submit a digital ID photo & enrollment certification from the student's university (if not possible, the copy of the student ID card is acceptable) by May 9, 2022.

Costs & Scholarship

・All participants of the Summer Program are required to pay 10,000 JPY registration fee (Non-refundable)
・Tuition fee is waived for partner universities

The scholarship is not awarded to any students since the program no longer involves traveling to Japan.


For those of you who were already accepted to join the Ocha Summer Program, if you wish or need  to withdraw from the program, you must contact Ocha Summer Program office through the person in charge at home university. 

Please note that the registration fees already paid will NOT be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

Important Dates for Participation (for 2022 Summer Program ONLINE)

Monday, 28 February

Deadline for Nomination Sheet  

At the end of April

Announcement of Screening results

Monday, May 9 (1) Deadline of Registration

(2) Deadline of Payment

(3) Deadline of documents submission
     - digital ID photo
     - enrollment certification at your university (if not possible, student ID card)

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