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Summer Program

Ocha Summer Program for Global Leaders 2020

This program is to provide intensive courses in summer for Ochanomizu University / Graduate School students and overseas / Japanese partner universities students.  All classes are multi-cultural, aiming for students’ career development and promotion of international exchanges.


Program date:

Saturday, 13 June, 2020 - Sunday, 28 June, 2020

Nomination Deadline: Friday, 31 January, 2020

Application Deadline:

Thursday, 19 March, 2020

Sub Curses*:

  • Culture and Society Course (taught in English) consists of a LECTURE and a PROJECT WORK (both mandatory).

1. Trans-Border Issues in Japan
2. Lifestyle in Japan
3. Natural Science and Technology

<Project Work for Global Leadres>***

  • Japanese Language Course for beginners



Culture and Society Courses: Four Ochanomizu University’s credits

Japanese Language Course: Two Ochanomizu University’s credits

 → Our grading policy is here

Costs Registration fee: 10,000 JPY  Tuition fee: free

Maximum Enrollment:


Culture and Society Courses: (1) 60  (2) 20  (3) 30 

Japanese Language Corse: 45

 * Choose from "Culture and Society Course" or "Japanese Language course"

** As for LECTURE, choose only one the subcourses #1~#3 as listed. You cannot choose more than one sub-course.

*** The students taking the Culture and Society course inevitably participate in the "Project work for Leadership".


If you have any question, please first check out the Q&A of the summer program. If the Q&A does not answer your question, feel free to contact us at 

Photo Gallery & Interviews

Photos of the past Summer Programs are coming soon.
Previous student’s interviews

Information about Japan

· Official Tourism Guide for Japan Travel
· (Japan Travel and Living Guide)

Information about Toyo

· Tokyo Prefecture General Information Guide


· Narita International Airport / NRT
· Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) / HND
· JR EAST-Japan Railway Company

Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding the admission procedure or program, please contact us at

 Summer Program Office
 Ochanomizu University Otsuka Bunkyo-ku, 2-1-1, Tokyo, JAPAN
 Tel/Fax: +81- (0)3-5978-2735
 Office Hours (Mon - Fri) 9:00 - 17:00