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Report on the FY2021 Summer Program


Ocha Summer Program for Global Leaders 2021 was held online to protect the health and safety of the participants as in FY2020 from the pandemic. 


“Course 1: Japanese Language Course", the ninth year of the program, was held for three weeks from July 19 (Monday) to August 7 (Saturday), and 30 overseas partners students participated. “Course 2: Culture & Society Course (taught in English)”, now in its eleventh year, was held for four weeks from July 12 (Monday) to August 7 (Saturday), with a total of 97 participants, including 37 students from overseas partner universities and 60 students from Ochanomizu University. In total, 67 students from 23 overseas partner universities in 16 countries participated in the two courses. 

In the Japanese Language Course, the students participated in the Online Virtual Tour and presented what they learned on the tour. On the day of the presentation, faculty members from overseas partner universities and students from Ochanomizu university also participated in the question-and-answer session. 
In the Culture & Society Course, intensive lectures were given in the three sub-courses of “Gender, Sexuality and Globalization in Contemporary Japan”, “Natural Sciences and Technology”, and “Japanese Society and Health”. In “Project Work”, teams of multinational students made presentations on “Migration” through pair and group work starting at the end of June. We held a virtual tour of the Japanese Overseas Migration Museum with the cooperation of JICA.

In addition, two special lectures were held as part of the class. The first was “Heroes of Popular Culture: Kabuki and Manga II” on dialogue with guest lecturer Mr. Koki Nakagawa of SHUEISHA and the second on “Science of umami taste: adaptation to gastronomic culture” by Dr. Kumiko Ninomiya of Uamami Information Center.

 As extracurricular activities, the Summer Program Student Committee constituted by volunteer students from Ochanomizu University organized online exchange events such as “Dialogue Event for Peace Building” and “Game Competition”, produced and distributed a video introducing the university daily life. During the program, the participants actively engaged in international exchange activities. 

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