Enhancement Project for Creating Innovations: Funded Research Projects

Ochanomizu University’s Enhancement Project for Creating Innovations, funded by the Cabinet Office of Japan, solicited a research grant application in 2022. Awarded research projects for the categories of “Industry-academia collaborations for Gendered Innovations” and “Collaborations with other organizations for Gendered Innovations” are as follows;

Industry-academia collaborations for Gendered Innovations

Principal Investigator Section Title
FUJIYAMA Mamiko Education and Research Department Center for Interdisciplinary AI and Data Science Study on all-gender toilets to create inclusive toilet environments in educational facilities
SAITO Etsuko Institute for Gendered Innovations Gendered innovation to improve kitchen environments for elderly people
ITOH Takayuki Faculty of Core Research Natural Science Division Data Science and Information Visualization for the Detection of Gender Bias

Collaborations with other organizations for Gendered Innovations

Principal Investigator Section Title
OMORI Mika Faculty of Core Research Human Science Division Facilitating glaucoma treatment adherence: The application of health psychology and enabler technology
KOBAYASHI Ichiro Faculty of Core Research Natural Science Division Development of a tailor-made information providing method based on the elucidation of information-processing mechanisms in the brain with consideration of gender and individual differences
OHTA Yuji Faculty of Core Research Natural Science Division Identifying the challenges in solving issues associated with “providing care for the opposite sex” and a survey on unmet needs
SAITO Etsuko Institute for Gendered Innovations Cooking behavior database construction and gender analysis: Support for household chores toward gender equality, based on the case of Fukui Prefecture, where women are making progress
AIKAWA Kyoko Faculty of Core Research Natural Science Division Glycoscience research on sex-related factors of thrombosis onset 

Companies × Ochanomizu-univ: Collaborative Research Projects

Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd. × Institute for Gendered Innovations (IGI)

In July 2022, Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd. and SASAKI Narie who Project Professor of IGI have jointly launched a research project on Gendered Innovations.

Research: (1) Organize examples of gendered innovations in Japan, (2) Survey industry-academic policies, and (3) Examine the process of introducing intersectional analysis.

Fujitsu Limited × Institute for Gendered Innovations (IGI)

Fujitsu and IGI established the “Fujitsu-Ochanomizu University Social Collaboration Program for AI Ethics” on March 1, 2023. (Press release is here.)

This collaborative research aims to develop an AI solution for highly reliable human resource assessment by examining the ethical risks of AI from the perspective of gendered innovations.

Educational Programs

IGI aims to foster "women innovators" and offer classes and seminars on Gendered Innovations for students to learn how to turn ideas into products and services.

Liberal Arts I : Gendered Innovations for Entrepreneurship Seminar

 (in Japanese) Notification of Course Openings: Gendered Innovations for Entrepreneurship Seminar(新しいウインドウが開きます)

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