<ONLINE> International Symposium, Institute for Global Leadership (June 26, 2021)


“Cross-Cultural Diversity in Leadership Styles” (Saturday, June 26, 2021)

In what ways can we recognize diversity in leadership styles within our globalizing society, where we cannot neglect the linguistic, cultural and individual differences in our daily lives? How can we recognize such diversity in meaningful ways, beyond a superficial celebration of the diversity of leaders and oversimplified and stereotyped images of leaders and leadership?

This symposium, hosted by the Institute for Global Leadership at Ochanomizu University, provides a forum to discuss these issues, focusing on cross-cultural diversity in leadership styles. 

Our speakers are: Professor Doris Schedlitzki, a specialist on leadership research and whose recent work includes studies on the ways of leading in non-anglophone countries; Professor/President Cecilia Gascon, current President of Bulacan State University and former President of the Southern Luzon State University, who holds more than 10 years of experience as a University President in the Philippines; and Professor Makoto Kobayashi, Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Ochanomizu University.

This symposium constitutes part of our Institute's overarching aim to explore a framework for discussing and analyzing leadership issues within the Asian context. Bringing together insights on female leadership research and practice from Asia as well as elsewhere, our aim is to foster learning and stimulate conversations about how to advance our shared mission - to empower female leaders in the Asian context.

  • Date and Time:Saturday, June 26, 2021, 17:00-19:00 (Japan Standard Time)
                          = 9:00am-11:00am (GMT/British Time) 
                          = 16:00-18:00 (Philippine Time)
  • Online Symposium (via Zoom Webinar) 
  • Simultaneous interpretation available (English to Japanese)
  • Audience: Open to the public
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Opening 17:00 - 17:10
Opening Remarks - Masako ISHII-KUNTZ (Trustee and Vice President, Ochanomizu University) 

Introduction - Kyoko MOTOBAYASHI (Associate Professor, Ochanomizu University/Vice Director of the Institute for Global Leadership) 

Presentations 17:10 - 18:10Click here for detail.
Doris SCHEDLITZKI (Professor in Organisational Leadership, Guildhall School of Business and Law, London Metropolitan University) “Working with Language: A Refocused Research Agenda for Cultural Leadership Studies”
Cecilia N. GASCON (President, Bulacan State University, Philippines)

“A Decade of Experience in Leading State-Funded Universities: Priorities in Transformation

Makoto KOBAYASHI (Professor, Ochanomizu University / Director of the Institute for Global Leadership) “What Is the Meaning of Talking of Asian Woman's Leadership?”
Break 18:10 - 18:15
Commentary 18:15 - 18:35

Masako ISHII-KUNTZ (Trustee and Vice President, Ochanomizu University)

Sung-Nam CHO (Specially-Appointed Professor, Institute for Global Leadership, Ochanomizu University, Professor Emeritus Sociology, Ewha Womans University)

Speakers’ Responses and Open Discussion 18:35 - 18:55
Closing 18:55 - 19:00
Kyoko Motobayashi (Associate Professor, Ochanomizu University / Vice Director of the Institute for Global Leadership)



Doris Schedlitzki is Professor of Organisational Leadership at the Guildhall School of Business and Law, London Metropolitan University, UK. Doris’ main research focus is on leadership and explores issues of cultural studies of leadership, discourse and leadership, leadership as identity, psychoanalytic approaches to leadership and the role of national language within cultural leadership studies. She is currently involved in several projects and collaborations related to these different issues with UK and international colleagues in leadership and management studies, history and linguistics. Her secondary research interest is exploring the nature, purpose and use of blended learning approaches and developing innovative methods for critical reflection and leadership development pedagogy. Recent publications include articles in Leadership, the Scandinavian Journal of Management, Management Learning, the International Journal of Management Reviews, Human Relations, the International Journal of Management Education, as well as a textbook on leadership entitled 'Studying Leadership: Traditional and Critical Approaches' (Sage) – currently in its second edition – and an edited book, Worldly Leadership (Palgrave).

■Prof. Cecilia N. GASCON

Cecilia N. Gascon is the incumbent President of Bulacan State University (in Central Luzon) and the former President of Southern Luzon State University (In Southern Tagalog Region). She has more than a decade of combined experience in these two state-funded universities. The thrusts of her administration are faculty development, facilities improvement and quality assurance as these are necessary to produce quality graduates. Being a transformative leader and a pioneer of change, she was able to facilitate the conversion by legislation of Southern Luzon Polytechnic College into Southern Luzon State University in 2007. Among the transformative work done in both universities are the massive faculty development program, massive improvement of facilities and quality management system certification. By profession, she is a Licensed Forester and has a Ph.D. degree in Forestry specializing in silviculture and agroforestry from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She finished the Executive Course on the Management of the Environment at the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands (with Distinction) and the Executive Course on Educational Leadership sponsored by the Commission on Higher Education and the Development Academy of the Philippines. She is a professor at Bulacan State University Graduate School handling courses on Educational Leadership.


Makoto Kobayashi is Professor at the Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences and Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Ochanomizu University. His specialties are political science, peace studies, and international relations. After many years as a professor at Ritsumeikan University and Yokohama City University, he started teaching at Ochanomizu University in 2007. His research has investigated the social formation of the state in the era of globalization, with particular focus on the concept of political power, public-private relations and the control of violence. He has recently published articles on globalization, neoliberal states, terrorism, power politics, global civil society, among other subjects.


Masako Ishii-Kuntz, Ph.D. is Trustee/Vice President and Professor Emeritus of Ochanomizu University. Prior to her appointment at Ochanomizu, she taught in the Sociology Department at the University of California, Riverside for 20 years. Her specialties include family sociology and gender studies, and her research focuses on men’s childcare and housework, and women’s labor force participation. She was the President of the Japan Society of Family Sociology (2016-2019), and a board member of the Japan Sociological Society and Council on Family Relations of the Japan Society of Home Economics. She was a member of the United Nations Expert Group meeting and in the Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office’s committee. In recognition of her contribution to the international research and teaching of family sociology, she received the 2012 Jan Trost Award of the National Council on Family Relations in the U.S. Her publications include, among others, Sociology of Childcaring Men (Minerva 2013) and Family Violence in Japan (Springer 2016).

■Sung-Nam CHO

Sung-Nam CHO, who is currently a Specially-Appointed Professor at the Institute for Global Leadership, Ochanomizu University, is Professor Emeritus at Ewha Womans University, South Korea and former Director of Ewha Institute for Leadership Development. A sociologist, she received her Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology at the University of Hawaii, USA. Her main research interests include the family, population aging and health service utilization. Her major publications include books entitled Age-Boom Generation: Preparing for the Aging Society, Koreans in the US, Abortions in Korea and Qualitative Methodology. She has also served in several positions in academia including Vice President of the Korean Social Science Council, President of the Korean Federation of Women Professors and President of the Korean Sociological Association.


Kyoko Motobayashi is Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences and Vice Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Ochanomizu University. Her main research areas are sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, focusing on bilingualism, language policies, transnational mobility, and identity issues. Her work has appeared in journals such as International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, Multilingua, and Language and Sociocultural Theory.

Organizer: Institute for Global Leadership, Research Organization for the Promotion of Global Women’s Leadership, Ochanomizu University

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