International Symposium “Women’s Global Leadership from Gender Perspectives” Report (January 12, 2019)



An international symposium entitled “Women’s Global Leadership from Gender Perspectives,” which was sponsored and operated by the Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) and the Institute for Gender Studies (IGS), took place on January 12, 2019 at Ochanomizu University with approximately 170 people attending. At the opening of this program, Prof. IZAKI Yayoi (Vice President and Head of Research Organization for Promotion of Global Women’s Leadership, Ochanomizu University), gave an opening address and an introduction to the symposium.

The theme for the part 1 was “Gender Equality and Women’s Leadership.” We invited three guest speakers, Prof. KIM Heisook (President, Ewha Womans University), Prof. Anne BORG (Vice President, Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Prof. MUROFUSHI Kimiko (President, Ochanomizu University), and Prof. KOBAYASHI Makoto (Director of IGL) served as moderator. Each speaker introduced the various initiatives undertaken in their universities for the promotion of women leaders, which are based on the gender perspectives of each of their societies, and discussed the current issues they face.

The theme of part 2 was “Women’s Global Leadership: Diversity and Network,” and the speakers presented the ideal women leaders desired in their own countries (South Korea, Vietnam and Japan) from gender perspectives. Four panelists, Prof. SEONG Ye-Rang (Professor for Special Appointment, Ewha Institute for Leadership Development), Prof. Kim Anh DUONG (Vice Director, Vietnam Women’s Academy), Prof. ISHII-KUNTZ Masako (Professor/Director of IGS) and Prof. KOBAYASHI Makoto (Professor/Director of IGL), each gave a speech, and Prof. CHO Sung-Nam (Professor/Director of Ewha Institute for Leadership Development) provided an overview and made comments.

In the panel discussion, Dr. OKI Naoko (Project Lecturer, IGL) as moderator proposed several points of discussion: “Are there any ‘gender’ gap or effect on leadership?” and “What is a present condition and an issue of constructing network?” There was a lively discussion among all the panelists, including President KIM and Vice President BORG, who also gave comments and words of encouragement to future women leaders. Many participants asked questions to the panelists in the Q&A session, which helped us deepen our discussion. Lastly, thanks to all the speakers and the participants, the symposium ended in a great success.

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»January 12, 2019 International Symposium “Women’s Global Leadership from Gender Perspectives”

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