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Our engagement to achieve SDGs

13.05.2024 Update

The Institute’s Engagement

Please see here if you would like to check the activities by OCHA-SDGs Student Committee, the student organization from our institute.




Ochanomizu University's engagement

  • Ochanomizu University signed up for SDG-UP (SDG Universities Platform by United Nations University) for further promotion of SDG activities in Apr 2021
    reference: “Symposium to Launch SDG–UP”
  • NIPPON KOEI and Ochanomizu University concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement related to SDGs in Apr 2021
History of Ochanomizu University’s engagement toward SDGs

Affiliated schools’ engagements

  • Ms. Arisa YOSHIUCHI, home economics teacher of Ochanomizu University Senior High School, participated as one of the panel discussion speakers in the kick-off symposium of the Institute for SDGs Promotion of Ochanomizu University titled “A New Challenge by OCHA-SDGs” held on Oct 19, 2022.
    Click here for presentation materials( in Japanese).
  • Home economics teachers of Ochanomizu University Elementary School, Junior High School, and Senior High School have taken the initiative in conducting educational research of ethical consumption and communicating its outcome  towards nationwide society.
    Echical Learning Labis a joint research project in which teachers and professors from all Ochanomizu University’s affiliated schools get together regularly and conduct research in cooperation with each other.
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