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Activities by Student Committee


Activities by OCHA-SDGs Student Committee

This page introduces the activities of OCHA student committee members to date.

<What is OCHA-SDGs Student Committee?>
OCHA-SDGs Student Committee is an organization of students who are the actual working force of the Institute. It was established by the students who volunteered to join OCHA-SDGs Student Committee when the Institute was launched in 2022. OCHA-SDGs Student Committee aims to realize the new needs of society as seen from each person's awareness of the issues and what can be done to improve campus life at the University through actual actions.

(The main building of Ochanomizu University and KURO chan, a cat who lives on campus )




*If you are a Ocha-dai student and wish to join OCHA-SDGs Student Committee, please click here (regardless of grade, undergraduate or graduate student).

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