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Special Lecture in Summer Program 2021 "Science of umami taste"


Special Lecture by Dr. Kumiko NINOMIYA

<<SCIENCE OF UMAMI TASTE : Adaptation to gastronomic culture>>


Date : Friday, 16 July, 2021
Time : 6:00pm - 7:30pm (JST)
Venue : Online (Zoom Webinar )
            Zoom link is announced on Moodle.

Keynote Speech : Dr.Kumiko NINOMIYA (Director of Umami Information Center)

*The seminar is exclusive to the students and faculty staff of Ochanomizu University and the participants of  "Ocha Summer Program".

Pre-assignment Video :
The lecture focus on the function of taste of free amino acids in foods especially on the taste of free glutamate ‘umami’ which is one of basic taste along with the sweet, sour, salty and bitter.
Unique history of use of umami in Japanese dietary culture and comparison between Japanese food culture and other Asian or Western culture are also introduced in the lecture.
Recent activities by chefs around the world on the use of umami rich ingredients in their own country in their own style makes dishe healthier and tastier.
Role of umami in low sodium diet and plant- based dishes is also introduced.

Contact : Summer Program Office (  )

特別講演会 ( 二宮 くみ子 氏 )

<< うま味の科学:美食文化への適応 >>


開催日 :  2021年 7月 16日 (金)
開催時間 :  午後 6:00 - 午後 7:30 (日本時間)
実施形態 : オンライン (Zoomウェビナー)

登壇者 : 二宮 くみ子 氏 (うま味インフォメーションセンター理事)

*本セミナーは、お茶の水女子大学の学生・教職員および「Ocha Summer Program」参加者限定です。

事前課題動画 :


お問い合わせ : サマープログラム事務局 ( 

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